Advocating for Article 72 of the Labor Law; "Daycare Centers in Jordanian Work Places" - Sadaqa' Campaign

The aim of this advocacy campaign was to advocate for compliance with Article 72 of the Labor Law; Daycare Centers in Jordanian Workplaces to create a better working environment for mothers. The campaign targeted the government and private companies found to be in non-compliance with the Article, as well as working specifically with employed mothers. The project positively impacted the awareness of working mothers and many companies, such as the Arab Bank, responded by establishing daycare centers within their offices. The active women who were leading the project campaign have established their own organization under the name 'Sadaqa' and are operating effectively within the same theme to this day. A Facebook Page was established to serve this project and a video documented the project progress.

This project was implemented over a period of 12 months and funded by Vital Voices Organization, with a total budget of 35,000 USD.