American-Jordanian Interaction Youth Exchange

Al Hayat’s group “Jadara Interfaith Action” joined the partnership of “The Interfaith Youth Core” (IFYC) of Chicago and the Jordan Interfaith Action of Amman, in the Project “American-Jordanian Interaction Exchange” which was implemented in two meetings. The first of which was held in Jordan from December 28th 2006 until January 1st 2007, and the second phase was implemented in Chicago during the period July 23rd – 31st, 2007.

The partner organizations trained two highly talented groups of emerging faith leaders in the US and Jordan to be organizers and leaders of interfaith youth service and dialogue. The two exchanges in both countries brought together 40 youth that represent the geographic, ethnic, religious and socio-economic diversity of the countries. In order to fully leverage this work for potential organizers around the world, IFYC was capturing the full course the project to create a compelling documentary and teaching tool. This project was funded by Chicago Interfaith Youth Core directly.