Assessment of Jordan's Conduct toward its First Action Plan (2012-2013) for the Open Government Partnership: IRM Report

The Jordanian government officially joined the Open Government Partnership Initiative - OGP in August 2011 by submitting its First National Action Plan consisting of 31 commitments. Al Hayat Center was selected by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) of the OGP located in Washington DC as an experienced, independent national researcher to carry out evaluation of the development and implementation of this action plan submitted in April 2012.

Al Hayat actively worked on the OGP IRM report from October 2013 until January 2014. The IRM report was published in May 2014 in both Arabic and English.

Al Hayat Center’s preparation of the report included revision of the government’s self-assessment report, views and research of civil society, and information gathered from interviews with relevant government officials and other stakeholders. To gather the voices of multiple stakeholders, Al Hayat organized three stakeholder forums in the south (Karak Governorate), north (Irbid Governorate), and center (capital Amman) of Jordan, in addition to conducting a number of semi-structured interviews with government officials, journalists, and Members of Parliament. Numerous references are made to these documents in addition to further review of media outlets and other related materials.

This research was funded by the OGP with a total grant of 7000 USD.