Building the Capacity of Local Administrators to Enhance the Public Participation of Young Jordanians “Masarona Wahed”

The project’s aim was developing the capacity, knowledge, and skills of local administrators who work under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior with regard to enhancing the participation of youth in public life, by encouraging their involvement in civil society organizations, political parties, and municipal and parliamentary elections. 

This was achieved by implementing various activities and trainings on raising awareness of local administrators on the importance of youth participation in political life, and the role of the civil society in empowering this role, in addition to raising their awareness on the concepts of democracy, human rights and good citizenship. The capacity building aspect of the project focused on equipping local administrators with skills necessary for working with diverse youth groups to achieve recognition for these groups in their communities and encourage their participation in public life. Additionally, they were equipped with communication, team building and coordination skills in order to facilitate efforts of enhancing youth participation with other governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

The project targeted all local administrators within the Ministry of Interior (governors, and top administrators), CSOs and young Jordanians from different areas in Jordan. The project resulted in the production of the "Local Administrator’s Guide to Youth Public Participation". The project has contributed to networking between NGOs and governmental institutions in the field of preserving the rights of youth.

This project was implemented over 12 months, and was funded by the European Union Delegation to Jordan, with a total grant of 50,094 EUR.