Building University Student Council Members' Democratic Capacity - “Qudrat”

The project aimed to train university student council members on democracy related skills, such as communication, debating, networking, consensus building, and lobbying. This in additoin to enhancing their awareness of democratic practices, and the virtue of differences and free and fair competition.

The project started with focus group research to identify issues important to university students, and investigate the existence of cross-cutting issues between the various targeted universities. Based on the results of the research, training materials were designed and given on the aforementioned topics. On the basis of this, a training manual was developed and published.

The project also included an opportunity to put knowledge to practice, which included student council debate simulations, identification of student core groups, advanced training of core groups, and trainings delivered by core groups to peers. In total, 3,000 students participated in the program from Yarmouk University, Hashemite University, Jerash University, Philadelphia University, Mu’tah University, and Balqa University. 

This project lasted 23 months, and was funded by the European Union Delegation to Jordan through the Jordanian Ministry of Political Development, with a total grant of 172,811 EUR and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with a total grant of 61,144 USD.