Decentralization and Development of Local Self-Governance - Phase I

The Decentralization and Development of Local Self-Governance project aims to enhance the progress of decentralization while simultaneously alleviating the current misconceptions surrounding it. Al Hayat hopes to achieve this goal by enhancing awareness and understanding of local councils and advocating for participation of grassroots and through this process increase the strength and efficiency of local governance.

The project included an analysis of the Municipal Law comparing to best practices. Three drafts were produced based on the three draft laws produced by the government, where the final draft analysis was widely shared amongst different stakeholders. A national forum on decentralization was held, including participants from 100 municipalities. There have been 5 roundtable discussions with 20 participants including MPs from various committees and journalists. In the final phase of the project, 31 advocacy engagement sessions were held, ranging from 20-60 participants from local communities all over Jordan.

This project was implemented over 13 months and funded by the National Democratic Institute, with a total grant of 125,000 USD.