Enhancing Awareness of and Respect for the Rule of Law Among Young Jordanians - "EDRAK"

This project, the first ever implemented by Al Hayat Center, aimed at enhancing awareness of and respect for the rule of law amongst young Jordanians, and thereby enhancing their feelings of citizenship. This project had two phases, due to its great success; the first lasted from October 2006- July 2007 and the second was implemented throughout the year 2007.

The first phase was a pilot project of workshops lasting 3-4 days in Irbid National University, Al-Balqa University, Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Yarmouk University. Students were trained on concepts of good governance, rule of law, problem identification and solving, and devising youth initiatives. The latter were applied to schools in Irbid where knowledge transfer took place from university students to school students. A guide was produced to document activities, results, and initiatives.

Edrak II focused on the geographical expansion of the project from Irbid Governorate to the southern and central regions of Jordan. The same content of workshops was provided for university students from these regions, who then transferred their knowledge to school students in Amman, Zarqa, Tafileh, and Aqaba.

Both phases of the project were funded by USAID's MASAQ Rule of Law project, with a total grant of 31,329 USD.