Enhancing the Awareness of Young Jordanians on Legal and Judicial Procedures and Mechanisms Protecting their Rights as Citizens - "Al-Shahed"

The Al Shahed project aimed to enhance the awareness of Jordanian youth, aged 16 – 25, of legal procedures and judicial decisions that protect their rights, by introducing them to their constitutional rights and duties with a special focus on their civil and political rights as citizens.

The project was implemented in the governorate of Irbid, and included training workshops for three universities. As a result of the project, two guides were produced; “The High School's Guide to Youth Rights in Jordan”, and “Youth Rights in Jordan". The former has served as an informal educational reference used by university students to educate high school students, through interactive learning methods, such as simulations, role-plays, poems and songs, as part of knowledge transfer amongst peers. The guides were distributed to high school students attending the activities of the project, libraries at high schools and youth centers, as well as to government institutions with interest in the issue. The project also contributed to networking between NGOs and governmental institutions in the field of preserving the rights of youth. It united Al Hayat Center and its partners from universities and schools to educate youth on their civil and political rights and equip them with proper legal and judicial tools to preserve these rights.

This project ran over the duration of 12 months, and was funded by the European Union Delegation to Jordan, with a total budget of 51,062 EUR.