Evaluate the Conduct of Jordan's Independent Election Commission during the 2013 Parliamentary Elections

In 2012 the Independent Election Commission (IEC) was created and participated in its first election process in 2013. The IEC was one of the demands and calls raised by Al Hayat Center since the 2010 Parliamentary Elections. Jordan responded to Al Hayat and other CSOs' calls to create and operate the IEC to manage the 2013 Parliamentary elections.

After the end of the 2013 Parliamentary Elections, Al Hayat designed a component to evaluate the performance of the IEC during the elections and provide recommendations regarding the internal systems and regulations of the IEC to be more transparent, accountable and effective, corresponding with international standards and best practices as well as increasing the public’s faith in the functions and integrity of the IEC. This evaluation was conducted through engaging different stakeholders; CSOs, in the elections process and the IEC management in seven meetings to discuss the performance of the IEC during the elections. This evaluation was also driven from Al Hayat's daily interaction with the IEC through the RASED program, which monitored the 2013 Parliamentary Elections. The periodic and final assessment by Hayat provided guidance to the IEC in their work as a newly established entity with no experience. Al Hayat has a wide range of experience in the same field of work as the IEC in different countries through its participation in international monitoring missions over the past three years in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Sudan and working with accredited international organizations in this field such as NDI, the UN and Chomenics International Carter Center. This component was part of the larger project, “Affecting and Enhancing Grassroots Participation in the Political Reform Process in Jordan”, Musharaka. The grant allocated to this component was 1,414 EUR.