Monitoring Jordan's 2007 Parliamentary Elections

Monitoring the 2007 Jordanian parliamentary election was the first experience for a CSO in Jordan, which presented an important step towards reinforcing the foundations of Jordanian democracy. Al Hayat’s team was proud to present the results of the RASED election observation project in the Jordanian media, a series of reports distributed amongst different national and international NGOs and embassies, as well as publishing it on Hayat’s website. The final report documenting the process was produced in Arabic, and a summary in English.

Al Hayat’s observers were trained on international standards of free and fair elections, international best practices on domestic election observation, the principles of the Jordanian Constitution and the current Jordanian Election Law.

Through this project, Al Hayat engaged more than 1,700 youth through training, recruitment and political activism. The project focused on observing candidate registration, media coverage during electoral campaigns, candidate's campaigns, and the voting procedures at polling centers on election day.

The National Democratic Institute funded the project, with a total grant of 221,579 USD.