Monitoring Jordan's 2010 Parliamentary Elections

This project aimed to monitor the 2010 parliamentary elections to ensure the transparency and integrity of the electoral process, and equip a group of young Jordanians with the skills necessary to monitor the election process. 2000 young Jordanians and more than 50 local CSOs participated in this project, working on monitoring all phases of the election process from voters’ registration, up to the election day and post election day phases. They also increased efforts on monitoring media conduct during the electoral campaign to build a national archive on the election of the sixteenth parliament.

To be able to monitor the elections, the project consisted of building a national coalition of youth and women CSOs and creating a network of youth all over Jordan to monitor the election process. A series of trainings were conducted to provide the monitoring team with the skills necessary to monitor the electoral process.

The project was funded by the National Democratic Institute with a total grant of 325,000 USD.