Monitoring the Performance of Jordan's 15th Parliament

The project aimed to observe and monitor Jordanian parliamentary performance, with the purpose of enhancing parliamentary representation of the Jordanian people, advancing democratic processes and improving public policies. The project included two main types of activities: monitoring activities and field activities.

The monitoring activities included monitoring the performance of MPs and monitoring governmental reactions and responses to parliamentary performance. This was done by observers located in the parliament who attended all plenary sessions, committee meetings, and interviewed members of parliament on parliamentary initiatives and activities, and government officials on government reactions thereto. A second team of observers was in charge of monitoring media coverage of parliamentary activities and government reactions and responses to these activities.

Additionally opinion polls were conducted, targeting representative samples and their results being published in the media. Unfortunately, Hayat was not able to carry out the entire project’s planned activities for the year 2010, due to the King’s decision on 24th November 2009 announcing the dissolution of the 15th parliament. Therefore the project's remaining funds were amended to cover activities related to voter education and election monitoring for the 2010 Parliamentary Elections.

This project was implemented in 2009 and funded by the European Union Commission Delegation to Jordan in partnership with local CSOs, with a total grant of 199,300 EUR for both the 15th parliament monitoring and voter education and elections monitoring activities.