Monitoring the Performance of Jordan's 17th Parliament

Al Hayat Center has been monitoring the performance of the 15th and 16th parliaments, and now it monitors the performance of the 17th parliament. The monitoring of Jordanian Members of Parliament is carried out by using a set of indicators driven from international standards, best practices, and developmental needs. The monitoring process includes various activities such as quantitative and qualitative analyses of the legislative and governmental oversights actions by MPs and parliamentary blocs, facilitated discussion forums between MPs and constituents and level of internal institutional capacity building. A website was developed specially for the purpose of this program as well as a Facebook Page carrying all updates about the activities and reports.

The activities of the program operated over the first 25 months of the project are funded by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), with a grant of 125,000 USD and the Canadian Embassy with a grant of 24,125 Canadian Dollars.