Open Discussions between Grassroots and Decision Makers

This component aims to foster the discussions between the grassroots and decision makers to promote for legislative and democratic reform in Jordan. The component composed of two types of activities: open discussion forums, where constituents will be engaged in direct and opened discussion with their representatives to parliament, voicing their concerns, and inquiring about promises made during electoral campaigns. These forums will contribute towards building bridges between Members of Parliament and their local communities, and allow the local communities to practice a form of advocacy for their needs.  The second type is the roundtable discussion, where these discussions will contribute to building bridges between parliament and special interest groups, and will also serve as a form of advocacy tool for the special interest groups to directly engage parliamentarians in constructive discussions over issue and policies. This component has been running since 2007 as activities within different projects and still ongoing, discussion different themes and topics within the country contexts.

This component was funded over years by the European Union Delegation to Jordan, EUD and the National Democratic Institute, NDI. Working in collaboration with the 15th Jordanian parliament, 16th Jordanian parliament, and now the 17th Jordanian Parliament, as well as, ministers and other high level officials, over 270 decision makers joined the activities as well as, 6300 citizens all over Jordan.