Promoting Entrepreneurship in Poverty Pockets in Jordan

This project was the first entrepreneurial initiative of its kind, which joined non-state actors and local authorities in a partnership to enhance and strengthen the relationship between local authorities and communities to eradicate poverty. Al Hayat Center worked with 25 young men and women from the area of Kufranjah ; one of the poverty pockets in the so-called ENPI area. They were introduced to the project and its objectives throughout 5 information sessions, after which trainings took place to produce innovative business initiatives to provide an income for at least ten households in the area.

The trainings focused on leadership, communication, teambuilding, teamwork, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, business planning, feasibility, budgeting, small business management, financial management, and marketing. Following the trainings, 4 small business projects were proposed by the trainees including a kindergarten, two mushroom farms, and a thyme farm. The projects were financially established by the project with a total amount of approximately 30,000 EUR. The small projects are providing efficient income to the owners and aiding them in establishing and sustaining small businesses.

This project was implemented over a period of 24 months in partnership with Kufranja Municipality and funded by the European Union Delegation to Jordan, with a total grant of 99,000 EUR.