Regional Workshop "Enhance the Value of Forgiveness in School Curricula"

Al Hayat, in partnership with the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice, held a 3-day workshop in Amman with teachers, curriculum experts and educational specialists from four Arab countries to meet and discuss an outline for a teaching manual on forgiveness. Brainstorming, group activities and desk research produced a fundamental structure for teaching the principles of forgiveness in Arab society and culture, taking into account the needs of the different societies represented. Also taken into account were values, skills, and emotions within Arab culture that affect the forgiveness process. Educational activities were discussed which may help address these critical cultural needs. On the last day of the workshop, the University of Jordan hosted a session focused on telling stories of forgiveness that participants themselves witnessed in their schools or communities.  The workshop ended with recommendations for progress and development of this topic for all involved participants.

This workshop was financially supported by the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice.