Seminar "Youth and Sustainable Development"

The seminar entitled "Youth and Sustainable Development" took place in Jerash, Jordan with the participation of 33 youth from Jordan, Palestine, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Latvia, and Egypt. The project aimed to exchange participant experiences regarding to sustainable development to protect their environment. The participants indicated that this project expanded their knowledge about sustainable development, the environment and cultural differences between their countries, which encouraged them to look for more experience and knowledge. In addition, the participants were proud of the new friendships they made with each other and locals. During the exchange days the participants met with members of Kufranja municipality and local residents where they discussed environmental problems and the municipal procedures to solve these problems. The project also included training workshops and field visits to Dana reservation, Amman, and Petra.

The project was funded by the Euro-Med Unit at the Ministry of Political Development, with a total grant of 22,997EUR.