Supporting Jordanian's Rights to Freedom of Movement and Residence; Eliminating "Jelwa" - Tribal Evacuation Custom

The campaign advocated against the tribal evacuation custom, 'Jelwa', where the entire family of a perpetrator of a violent crime such as murder, is to leave their place of residence. The main theme of this project was that everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of a state. Al Hayat Center believes that the tribal evacuation custom goes against the Jordanian constitution and general human rights principles. There were awareness raising activities such as workshops and meetings, specifically targeting media, tribal leaders, and youth. Additionally, there was a research component, which led to the publication of a Human Rights Investigation Report on the Tribal Evacuation Custom “Jelwa”, including personal accounts of victims and recommendations for legislative amendments.

This project was implemented over 12 months, and funded by the Jordan Civil Society Program (CSP) of USAID, with a total budget of 81,627 USD.