Youth Inclusion in the Municpal Policies; Irbid Youth Municipal Council (IYMC) Initiative

The Irbid Youth Municipal Council (IYMC) Initiative had the goal to engage youth in municipality politics, specifically policy making. Youth were campaigning on Facebook to win a membership in the IYMC, which was established within this project. After selecting the final members of the IYMC they received special training clarifying the policy making process. This increased knowledge and awareness which was used practically in the youth's observance and monitoring of the performance of Greater Irbid Municipality, where the IYMC members helped the project team to conduct a study on Youth Trends Toward the Work and Role of Irbid Greater Municipality. Objective of the project was to build towards greater future involvement and youth participation in municipal elections, and encouraged young Jordanians to participate in municipal activities.

This project was implemented in Irbid and funded by the Foundation for the Future, with a grant of 53,325USD.